Time Travel Plans is your resource for short-term voluntourism ideas, tips, itineraries, and guides. Volunteer and change the world one vacation at a time!

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    Whether you want to incorporate short-term volunteering into your vacation plans or if you’re simply looking for a quick getaway, Time Travel Plans has you covered!

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    Time Travel Plans will arrange a volunteer opportunity that suits your interests and that fits into your custom designed itinerary so that you can experience the best of both volunteering and vacationing!  

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    Deeper travel experiences, connecting with locals, and the knowledge that you’ve made a positive impact in a new destination are just a few of the gifts of voluntourism. “For it is in giving that we receive.” ― St. Francis of Assisi

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  • A Glimpse Back in Time at the Pergamon Museum

    While I try to visit a museum or two wherever I travel, I definitely wouldn’t call myself a museum connoisseur. The way I see it, museums are just a great way to soak up a bunch of details about the history and/or culture of a place in one convenient location. When traveling, I tend to […]

  • To the Poppy Field!

    Each spring, California poppies bloom with abandon in the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve located 15 miles west of Lancaster. We visited the reserve last spring, and as we approached, from a distance, we could see faint hints of color that appeared to stretch for miles and miles.

  • A Day Away in Lancaster

    After our big (and admittedly over-budget) trip to Europe last March, we decided to focus the remainder of our travels for the year on quick getaways. Whether we escaped L.A. for a day or a long weekend, last year, we became really adept at jaunting.