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“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…”

Ecclesiastes 3:1


I’m Dana Carmel, a world traveler, cultural explorer, and a frequent volunteer. Traveling with purpose is my passion, and my goal is to help you travel deeper and more authentically so that you too can be a purposeful traveler and not a mere collector of passport stamps.

So, what does it mean to be a purposeful traveler?

Traveling with purpose means that you move through the world with an awareness that you are a global citizen. As a global citizen, you don’t see the lines between “us” vs. “them” or “our problems” vs. “their problems”.  Instead, before you see someone’s nationality, you see their humanity, and because of that, you realize that we are all connected to and responsible for each other and this beautiful planet we share.

Are you craving purposeful travel experiences?

As a purposeful traveler, you’re likely drawn to volunteer opportunities both at home and abroad. Perhaps you already have some experience volunteering abroad under your belt. Or maybe you’ve been longing to do so but you’ve been turned off by the high costs and/or prolonged time commitments involved with many volunteer abroad programs. But what I’ve realized through my own experiences volunteering abroad is that you don’t need a lot of time or money to travel and turn your vacation into an altruistic adventure.

Time Travel Plans can help!

About 7 years ago, I was just like you – someone who was longing for more selfless, fulfilling travel experiences. I reached a plateau in my travel life when I realized that I no longer wanted to travel solely for the sake of traveling. During a trip to Australia and Tahiti while looking through my travel mate’s passport full of stamps I realized that I wanted my travels to really count for something more than my own gratification. From that trip on, I decided to start incorporating short term volunteering experiences into my travels whenever and wherever possible.

In 2009, I founded Time Travel Plans to quench my thirst for purposeful travel and to help others unlock their passion for short term voluntourism.  Since then, Time Travel Plans has been working with clients to provide:

  • Short term voluntourism resources
  • Travel consulting services
  • Travel tips and advice
  • Reviews of tours, hotels, restaurants, and products
  • Custom and pre-packaged itineraries that include optional, short term voluntourism opportunities


Time Travel Plans is the exclusive travel planner and travel consultant for Passporters – LIVE, Don’t Merely Exist®, an L.A. based travel and volunteer organization that embarks on annual volunteer vacations to various destinations via Passporters Expeditions (PE). Alongside the Passporters team, I’ve taken part in a variety of short term volunteer projects abroad – from throwing a party for children at a favela school in Rio de Janeiro to teaching English in Istanbul.

My clients commend me for my carefully crafted itineraries and travel planning services that incorporate all of the details they need to successfully navigate through new destinations and volunteer opportunities.

About Dana Carmel

Time Travel Plans was founded by Dana Carmel, an expert travel planner and travel entrepreneur. Through Time Travel Plans, Dana offers travel itineraries that incorporate custom, short term volunteer opportunities around the world.

Dana is a law school graduate who has chosen to focus her energies on pursuing her passions: travel, voluntourism, and writing.

For as long as she can remember, travel has been an inherent part of Dana’s life. She lived in Panama for several years as a child, she’s traveled to 27 countries (and counting), and has traveled extensively throughout the United States.

In addition to volunteering abroad, Dana also frequently volunteers her time to various causes locally in Los Angeles, and her volunteer pursuits have entailed everything from refurbishing wheelchairs for worldwide distribution to people living with cerebral palsy, senior citizen care, various environmental causes, dog-walking, and mentoring at-risk teenage girls just to name a few.

An avid writer, Dana Carmel’s travel writing has appeared in AAA’s Westways magazine, GoAbroad.com, Edible Vancouver, and Fathom. She’s also contributed to CS and Frontdesk Chicago magazines.



  • Hey Dana – I love this concept and idea of incorporating volunteer work into travel plans! I may get in touch with you for future travel plans!

    • Dana Carmel

      Thanks, Peggy. Please do!


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