Giveaway – WIN a $250 Marriott Gift Card

Giveaway – WIN a $250 Marriott Gift Card

To celebrate you, dear reader, I’m having a gift card giveaway! Although I hope to offer many more giveaways in the future, I’m ridiculously excited about this one in particular because it’s my first one EVER!

As a huge “thank you/gracias/obrigado/merci” for faithfully reading my blog, I’m rewarding ONE lucky winner with a $250 Marriott gift card! That’s right – $250 courtesy of yours truly – that can be used at any of Marriott’s 4,180 hotels across 18 brands around the world. From Australia to Africa and everywhere in between, chances are that there’s a Marriott branded hotel wherever you’re traveling. Just look at Marriott’s extensive hotel directory!

On the 9th hole at Marriott’s Shadow Ridge in Palm Desert, CA

Depending on which hotel you choose, this gift card will likely cover 1, 2, or even 3 nights of your stay, BUT it can also be used to dine, indulge in a spa treatment, or play golf at any of Marriott’s properties. I’ve played golf at one of Marriott’s properties, and trust me when I say that it was an extraordinary experience! However you decide to use your gift card, the fact is that you can save $250 on your upcoming travels – my treat!

Sound  good to you?

Our suite at Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C.
Our suite at Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C.

If so, the rules to enter the competition are simple, and you can earn multiple entry points to increase your chances of winning! You can earn entry points in the following ways:

  1. Subscribe to the Time Travel Plans monthly newsletter to receive updates on exclusive travel discounts, voluntourism inspiration, travel tips, and much more. Then, you’ll need to Tweet about your subscription.  Remember, you must check your e-mail to confirm your subscription in order for your entry to qualify.  – (1 entry point each)
  2. Answer the question at the end of this post in the comments below. – (2 entry points)
  3. Post about this giveaway on your blog and be sure to link back to this  post. – (3 entry points)
Headed to paradise, otherwise known as St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands? Marriott has hotels there too!
Headed to paradise, otherwise known as St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands? Marriott has hotels there too!

Here are some key dates that you need to be aware of:

  • This competition will close at 11:59 pm on Wednesday, July 30, 2014.
  • One (1) winner will be announced no later than Wednesday, August 13, 2014.
  • The gift card will be e-mailed to the winner by Monday, September 1, 2014, just in time for fall travel plans!
You need to know that this competition is NOT being sponsored by nor is it being conducted in partnership with Marriott. Please be sure to review the terms and conditions in the entry box below!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tell me, in which city/country do you plan on using the gift card if you win? 

  • Thomas Murphy

    I would use it in Florida.

  • Virginia Beach!

    • Dana Carmel

      Awesome choice, Melinda! Good luck & thanks for entering.

  • Heather T

    It would be a staycation for me, so I would use it in Toronto!

  • Brandi Goolsby

    I would use the gift card in San Antonio in January! My daughter has an upcoming gymnastic meet there and this would be def help!

  • Dana B

    I plan on using it in Boston, M.A in the United States. / danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Jo B

    Toronto would be the place for me.

  • magicguy

    Las Vegas

  • raven

    i’d use it for Montreal

  • Jennifer Speed

    I plan on using it in Savannah, GA or Miami, FL

  • Danielle N

    LA or NYC!

  • Robyn Bellefleur

    I think I would use it in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    I would use it in California to visit my family

  • Cathy Burnett

    I plan on using the gift card to go to Gatlinburg, TN.

  • Annemarie Z.

    I would use it in Las Vegas!

  • Suzie M

    I think Las Vegas

  • I’d use my card for a family trip to Mt Rushmore

    • Dana Carmel

      Mt. Rushmore is definitely on my travel wish list. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  • Melanie F.

    We live in Ontario and although we love to travel overseas, we feel as though it is important to also travel within your own country so I would use it in Canada.

  • Stephanie LaPlante

    Niagara Falls

  • Veronique Leblanc

    Ottawa, Ontario 🙂

  • Jessica C

    I would use it during my trip to Montreal, Canada ! 🙂

  • Leidy

    I would like to use it in Orlando, FL

  • Denise Klay

    I would love to use it in Las Vegas, Nevada in the good old United States I have been hoping to plan a trip soon this would help a great deal!

  • Holly E

    Asheville, NC

  • Amy Heffernan

    I would use it in CANADA! 🙂

  • Prague. Thanks!

  • Ronald G

    In the greatest country in the world….Canada

  • alena svetelska

    New York city,NY

  • Jennifer Souveroff

    New York City

  • Judy Thomas

    Auckland, New Zealand 🙂

  • Betty S

    we are planning a trip to Washington DC later this year.

  • Taz W

    i plan to use it in asian country like thailand

  • Karin Shaim

    if I have to use in in America I would say Florida but if ot I would choose paris

  • Tara Gauthier

    We would probably use this in Edmonton, Alberta the closest Marriott location to us!

  • Marissa

    Somewhere here in the USA 🙂

  • Kim Pike

    Palm Desert California

  • christine j

    I would love to use this for Denver, Colorado

  • Kenya F

    I would use it for my trip to Australia!

  • Elle

    I’d love to use it in NYC

  • Ella Brooks

    Nashville, Tennessee. My favorite place

  • Susie Nixon

    I’d gift it to my parents to help them celebrate their upcoming 40th wedding anniversary in a Canadian city of their choice.

    • Dana Carmel

      That’s very thoughtful of you, Susie. Best of luck!

  • Victoria K

    I plan on using it in Toronto!

  • Colleen Boudreau

    Las Vegas!

  • I would like to travel to Paris , in France.
    And if I have the chance to win , I would use this prize in one of their hotels.
    Thank you for this great giveaway!
    R.username:Jens Ken Lundstrom

    • Dana Carmel

      You’re welcome – thanks for entering! Best of luck!

  • Wendy Hatton

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  • Victoria S.

    New York City!

  • Holly Wright

    I would use this in New Brunswick Canada when we go to a wedding there!

  • I want to use this card for Marriott in ahmedabad , India. I always dreams of stay there whenever I pass through Marriott hotel.

  • Gemma ibarra

    México or Rio De Janeiro

    • Dana Carmel

      I love Rio, Gemma. Brazil is one of my favorite countries!

  • Bree

    I would use in Toronto, Ontario CANADA

  • Marianne

    I’d use it at the Manila Marriott. I’ve always wanted to stay there because I’ve heard good things about it. It would be a great surprise for my husband and son too, since we mostly stay at home now that it’s the rainy season here in Manila.

    • Dana Carmel

      Sounds like a good plan, Marianne. Thanks for entering and good luck!

    • Dana Carmel

      Sounds like a great plan, Marianne. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  • Kimberly Camille Tiu

    I’d use it here in the Philippines or in Hong Kong

  • I would likely use the credit for New York or Atlanta

  • anna pry

    I would probably use it in NC, somewhere near the beach

  • Tabathia B

    I would use either in myrtle beach area or the washington, dc area

  • Isabella T.

    I would really love to use it in Houston, Texas or La La Land, California! Thanks!

  • Sarah Cool

    If I were the lucky winner I would use this in Napa Valley, CA. I’ve always wanted to go there 🙂

    • Dana Carmel

      Oooh…me too, Sarah! You can’t go wrong in wine country. Thanks for entering and good luck!

  • Donna George

    I’m not sure – probably to visit family in Austin

  • Srna Kulik

    I’d go to Prague,Czech Republic! I always wanted to see that beautiful city 😀

    • Dana Carmel

      You and me both! Thanks for entering and good luck!

  • Erika C.

    Florida because I want to surprise my family with a trip/visit to Sea World Orlando. Thanks for the opportunity – you have an amazing blog!

    • Dana Carmel

      That’s so thoughtful of you, Erika. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

      • Erika C.

        Thank you!

  • Sania Wasif

    Yanbu to my husband 🙂

  • Bons

    Florida or Hawaii

  • Alexey Petrov

    Madrid, Spain

  • Kawaii


  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    Paris, France !

  • Amanda B.

    I’d probably use it in Chicago!

  • Michelle L


  • Michelle L


  • I use it at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia or Tokyo !

  • Aly

    Boring, but I would use it in Milwaukee, WI for my brother in law’s wedding this Fall. We love the Residence Inn there!

    • Dana Carmel

      Hey Aly! I’ve actually read great things about Milwaukee. And there’s nothing wrong with using the card for practical purposes if you win. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  • Hannah Langevine

    Georgetown, Guyana

    • Dana Carmel

      Interesting choice, Hannah! That’s a trip I’d love to take. Good luck and thanks for entering!

  • Carli


  • laurie damrose

    I plan to use it either in PA or NY

  • Emily Morelli

    I would love to spend a weekend with my husband in Niagara Falls!

    • Dana Carmel

      Sounds fun, Emily! I’d love to go to Niagara Falls one day!

  • Tracy

    i plan to use it in seattle

  • Montreal for my next vacation with my partner!

  • Kayla Gilbert

    I plan on using it in Toronto, ON.

  • Tim

    I would use the card in Beijing, China.

  • nicolthepickle

    Saint Andrews by the Sea. Canada.

  • Edmond

    OMG, I would use it in Europe to Elffel tower or Big ben. Thanks for the awesomeness, contest & generosity.

    • Dana Carmel

      You’re very welcome, and good luck!

  • stephen gordon

    I would use to go to Toronto Ontario canada

  • Maegan Morin

    I would likely use the gift card in Edmonton Alberta Canada

  • I have a “Paris” money jar that I put my pennies into. My daughter even decorated it for me with the Eiffel Tower, poodles, and croissants. That gift card would afford me a wonderful night at the Paris Marriott River Gauche!

    • Dana Carmel

      I love that you have a Paris fund going, and the jar decorations sound cute. We just returned from Paris in March although we stayed on the right bank in Le Marais. In any case, thanks for entering and good luck!

  • alaine

    I would use in Fayetteville, Arkansas

  • Varun Narula

    Goa, India

  • Kristi Eaton

    I would like to use it in Hawaii or Portland!

  • Hmmm, maybe Orange County as we’re heading there next for a wedding, and that would significantly help our travel fund!

  • Natalie Brown

    Hi! I would take a close-by vacation and drive down to their hotel in Bradenton Florida. Too much fun! Thank-you for the chance!

    • Dana Carmel

      Sounds like a great time, Natalie. Thanks for entering, and good luck!

  • Holly

    New York City!

  • elika pauline tan

    im form the philippines. but i might use this in canda since we’re vacationing there this serptember

  • marian boll

    My family is taking vaction to London this winter….

  • Christina Howell

    I would use in the USA probably somewhere on the East coast!

  • We have a Marriott here in the Philippines, so I will definitely use it here for a few days’ staycation!

  • mv

    I hope to use it in San Francisco, CA

  • Stefanie Foote

    I plan on using it for a quick getaway to Branson, MO.

  • Allison lesley

    Definatly use it to go to the SC or NC beach

  • Nicole Dz

    I plan on using it in Fort Worth Texas when I visit my sister and brothers in a few months.

  • Elena

    San Diego, CA

  • Kellie

    NYC or virginia beach!

    • Dana Carmel

      Both excellent choices, Kellie!

  • Lee F

    seattle sounds interesting

  • Giving is the best way to celebrate, Dana! Congrats on the first one!

  • summer plewes

    I would use it in Vancouver to visit a friend that I miss dearly!

  • I’ll head straight to Cape Town South Africa 🙂

  • stacey dempsey

    I would love to use it in Vancouver BC and have a mini vacation as well as see my daughter who is there in college . I could have her stay with my in the hotel and we could have a great mother daughter vacation together

    • Dana Carmel

      Sounds like a good plan, Stacey. I love Vancouver! Thanks for entering and good luck!

  • Mark V

    I think Id use it in New York

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    We would use it on our trip to Washington DC

  • Autumn R

    I’d most likely use it on a weekend getaway here in BC 🙂

  • Carly D.

    I would love to find an old cute town in Vermont that we could visit. Maybe something outside of Burlington or Montpelier.

    • Dana Carmel

      Vermont would be beautiful – especially in the fall. Thanks for entering and good luck!

  • kerry wittig

    Nashville … ready for some country time and a new adventure

    • Dana Carmel

      I’ve had Nashville on my mind a lot lately as well, Kerry. Good luck and thanks for entering!

  • Lisa Neutel

    I would probably use it in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada….

  • Janice Cooper

    I plan on using it in Orlando Florida

  • Maggie K.

    I will use it in France or England.

  • Luna S

    In Sedona,AZ!

  • Lori Laws

    New York City!!!! Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  • Justin


  • heidi c.

    Halifax, NS!

  • Karla Sceviour

    St Johns.NL!

  • Shanna

    Mpls MN =)

  • BobbiJo Pentney

    I would love to go to Niagara Falls and show the kids.

  • Nicole Mecham

    I would use it for a weekend getaway to Vegas! 😀

  • Would love to win this! I love Marriott hotels!

  • Belinda McNabb

    I would use it as a weekend getaway right in my own city (winnipeg) and pretend we are tourists.

    • Dana Carmel

      I love that idea, Belinda! I’m all for backyard travel!!

  • michelle tremblett

    I would love to use it on our trip to Mississippi 🙂

  • Brian Kautz

    In the USA

  • Sandra R

    I would use it in Montana.

  • Jennifer L.

    Niagara Falls, Ontario

  • Kelly D

    I would stay at Mystic, CT.

  • Kevin E

    I would use the gift card for a stay in either Pennsylvania or New Hampshire. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Sweet!! Great contest and thank you for sponsoring it for all of us, Dana! 🙂

  • Stacey Roberson

    I would use the gift card for our stay in Illinois.

  • Mari

    I plan on using it in Newport, RI.

  • I just love giveaways!! Your readers must be so excited! $250 is a very generous sum…. When I have giveaways on my blog, it really excites me too! Good luck to the potential winner!

  • livivua

    Florida, maybe Destin

  • Jonathan Sumner

    Washington, DC!


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