Where to Stay in Paraty: Eliconial Paraty Pousada

Where to Stay in Paraty: Eliconial Paraty Pousada

Of all the places we visited in Brazil, Paraty was by far my favorite for reasons that you’ll read about in posts to come. And it just so happened that of the four guest homes we stayed at while traveling through Brazil, our accommodation in Paraty, Eliconial Paraty Pousada, was also my favorite.

We arrived to Paraty Brazil from Rio de Janeiro by bus, and when we got off of the bus in the non-historic center of town, a black Brazilian guy helped us call a cab, explaining in his limited English that he wanted to help us out because we’re black. Right on! A short 10 minute cab ride later, we arrived at our pousada where our host met us at the front entrance, checked us in, and led us to our bungalow.

Street leading to the pousada

I was traveling with Jave, my brother Aaron, and my cousin Travis, and the bungalow we were assigned was a perfect fit for us all. Jave and I slept in the downstairs bedroom, Travis slept on the day bed in the living area, and Aaron had the upstairs loft to himself.

Our bedroom
Travis’ sleeping area/living area
Stairs leading up to Aaron’s loft – watch your head!
Aaron’s loft

We were visiting Brazil in August which is Brazil’s winter, and at night, the temperature in Paraty plummeted. We would’ve frozen in our beds, but fortunately, our room was stocked with extra thick blankets in the closet. One thing I particularly liked about our bungalow is that when we closed the wooden window shutters at night, the rooms go completely dark which is great because I hate trying to sleep when light is streaming in.

Our bungalow had a little kitchenette area in case we wanted to cook, but we never used it. And though the bathroom was a bit small, it was perfectly clean. Another great feature was the hammock on our front patio – the perfect spot to relax and read a book.

Eliconial Paraty Pousada also has a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi, the latter of which Jave decided to soak in during the middle of the freezing cold night. Needless to say, he instantly caught a cold and spread it to me!

Eliconial Paraty Pousada
Hmmm…this looks like the perfect spot to get sick!

Eliconial is about a 20-25 minute walk from the historical center of Paraty where cars are forbidden. Walking to the historic center at night was safe and quiet, but I was with three guys and wouldn’t recommend walking alone at night. In the historic center, you’ll find a variety of shops, nightlife, and restaurants, but we opted to eat dinner closer to our pousada.

Drinks in Paraty’s historic center

One night we had pizza at a hostel up the road from Eliconial, and another night, at the recommendation of our host, we ate the BEST fish dinner at La Luna which is also just up the road from Eliconial. La Luna is right on Praia do Jabaquara, and the tide pulls the water right up to edge of the restaurant, so it’s a scenic and romantic spot to have dinner.

Praia do Jabaquara
La Luna on Praia do Jabaquara

Another highlight of Eliconial is the breakfast which is included in the rate. At the other guest houses we stayed at in Brazil, breakfast was hit or miss, but at Eliconial, breakfast was a home run. The fruits, breads, and the cake were all very fresh and filling.

Kitchen area where breakfast is prepared

I have every intention of returning to Paraty someday soon, and when I do, I’d definitely love to have a repeat stay at Eliconial Paraty Pousada.

Check out the hotel’s website for reservation inquiries.



Have you been to Paraty? What’s your favorite place to stay there?

  • The closest I’ve been to Paraty was 2 minutes ago from viewing those pictures!!! I’ve never heard of this area in Brazil, but I am interested in going now.

    • Dana Carmel

      You should definitely go to Paraty – it’s so beautiful and charming!

  • Yeah, trust a guy to want to check out the pool – in winter!
    This thought came to mind as I was reading your post and looking at your photos: we don’t need much to live once basic needs are met.
    Brazil is an amazing country. I hope the government is able to do right by the people who’re marginalized.

    • Dana Carmel

      I know, Marcia! I was so mad at Jave for getting me sick! And you’re right – this accommodation is pretty basic yet so comfortable. It provided everything we needed!

  • Great informative article! Brazil is an amazing country… Can’t wait to go back there!

    • Dana Carmel

      Thanks, Tom! Yes, Brazil is definitely an amazing country.

  • Food looks interesting!

    • Dana Carmel

      Not sure if “interesting” means good or bad, but I can vouch that it tasted great!

  • That hammock looks soooo inviting! I wish every hotel had a patio like that 🙂

    • Dana Carmel

      I agree! The hammock-factor at hotels is very important. Especially in countries like Brazil!

  • Hi Dana! I went to Paraty years ago. it was a day trip from nearby Rio das Pedras. I absolutely loved the colonial houses, they are so colorful! Please write more on Paraty, it brings back fond memories.

    • Dana Carmel

      Hi Ana – thanks for reading and for your comment. I will definitely be writing more about Paraty in upcoming posts. I’ve never been to Rio das Pedras, but I’m sure it’s another gorgeous Costa Verde destination!

  • You had me at “hammock!!!”

    • Dana Carmel

      Sold! 😉


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